Bucket List

Every traveler should have a bucket list. Don’t judge on the amount of ideas I may have taken from Disney/Romcoms.

Skiing the Alps
Southern most tip of Africa
Infiniti rooftop pool
Ride an Elephant
California Red Woods
Hagia Sophia
Soccer Game abroad
Machu Pichu
The Alhambra
Drive on the other side of the road (UK)
Ramen in Japan
Amazon Rain Forest
Great Wall of China
Almafi Coast
Roman Ruins
Italian Wine Country
Rent mopeds
Pyramids of Giza
Mayan Ruins
Hike a Volcano
Explore the Cinderella Castle
See the northern lights
Go into the artic circle
World Cup
Yoga Retreat
Australian Outback
St. Petersburg
Vodka in Russia
Snorkle over the ruins of Baia
Jokulsarlon Ice Cave